Introducing Probiotics to Healthy & Safe Cleaning Products

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Biom represents a new paradigm in healthy cleaning.  We are proud to be the exclusive importer of this probiotic technology that has been developed and tested in Belgium.  We are happy to say that Biom is offering a line of healthy cleaning products to North America, and we can't wait for you to try it!

Until now, safe cleaning products have been hard to find....with most home cleaners relying on disinfecting principles.  That is, kill all the bacteria on a surface - both good and bad.  The problem with this method is that not all bacteria are bad!  The good bacteria (probiotics) in our environment are essential.  Biom products contain a stabilized Bacillus ferment that activates upon use.  An army of microscopic cleaners begins to work on dirt and grime, and odor-causing particles on all surfaces.  The best part?  These good bacteria are harmless for people and pets - we can safely touch, inhale and live with these tiny superheroes.  And they continue cleaning on fabrics and all surfaces for 1-3 days after application.  Traditional disinfectants?  They allow bacteria to begin colonizing a surface as soon as they dry.  Using disinfectant cleaners also makes way for resistant superbugs, giving them the chance to take over surfaces and multiply.  

Our introductory line of products includes a hand gel, hand soap and a fabric spray.  One of the most unique products is the Biom All-Surface Mist, a highly-anticipated product that is now exclusively available from Biom by Choice Probiotics.  This air freshener works differently from applying a fine mist of good bacteria, this fabric spray works microscopically to reduce odours.  It is pet safe, upholstery safe, and safe for all fabrics in your home.  

Our Hand Soap and Hand Gel bring probiotics to your hard-working hands.  Instead of constantly removing the microflora of good bacteria on your hands with traditional soaps and gels, Biom brings probiotics to your hand hygiene.  Biom Hand Gel is a rinse-free gel, and Biom Hand Soap is a gentle, foaming cleanser.  

Stay tuned for the next launch of safe cleaning products from Biom...coming soon!  From body wash to cleaning spray, we have your healthy cleaning needs covered.

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