The Science Behind Biom Probiotic Products

Microbes are all around us, on literally every surface and environment on the planet!  In soil, water, on the surfaces of our homes, and even in and on our bodies.  Traditionally, our cleaning and personal care routines involve the concept of washing and wiping away germs.  We feel that we must disinfect surfaces, even our hands and bodies, to be truly clean.  However, we are continually learning that the microbiomes that exist around us need to have a diverse balance of species - this is key to our skin, and our overall health.

Biom products are produced in Belgium by HeiQ Chrisal.  What sets them apart from other probiotic cleaners and cosmetics, is the stabilized probiotic formula - which consists of Bacillus spores from select species.  In addition, a prebiotic called Inulin is added to act as a nutrient source for the probiotics once they are activated on surfaces, which boosts performance.  The patented formula allows the good bacteria to withstand variations of temperature and pH, and as well as being compatible with other ingredients in the products.  Some other probiotic brands consists of heat-killed microbes, which are not truly classified as "probiotics," because they are no longer alive and not able to provide the benefits of a live microbe.  Chrisal's formulation allows the microbes to remain dormant and shelf-stable, and then activate when applied to a surface. 

Where can we use probiotic cleaners and skin products?  Literally anywhere and everywhere!  Studies have shown that probiotics have been successful in reducing hospital-acquired infections.  Bacillus species, the probiotics used in Biom products, secrete a substance called Surfactin.  This substance can "degrease" and destroy the envelope around pathogenic viruses.  Probiotic skin products, such as Biom Skin Relief, can even be applied to broken skin to introduce the effects of probiotics in healing. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, which help with the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

Our mission at Choice Probiotics is to bring a new way of thinking about how we clean the environments we live in, even our own skin.  Biom products bring the power of probiotics to our everyday routines of home cleaning and personal care, eliminating the need to disinfect and apply anti-bacterial products.

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