Allergy and Asthma Friendly Cleaning Products

Air quality is a major concern for people with allergies and asthma.  Since we typically spend over 80% of our time indoors, our home and workplace air quality is extremely important - and often overlooked.  Pollutants such as dust, dust mites, chemical cleaning products, and air fresheners can contribute to decreased air quality. For people and pets suffering from allergies and asthma, following these 3 steps can help dramatically improve air quality and reduce irritation in the airways and on skin.

  1. Dust and vacuum regularly. Dust mites can aggravate allergic reactions.  Keep surfaces clutter-free and easy to wipe down. Where possible, trade out rugs and carpet for hard surface flooring (such as laminate or hardwood). Avoid chemical cleaning products, such as those containing ammonia, bleach and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Even products labeled as “green” are not always chemical free.  Probiotic cleaners offer a chemical-free option, and actually fortify surfaces with good bacteria that live for 3 days.
  2. Reduce humidity by using ventilation and exhaust fans. Utilizing fans in the kitchen and bathrooms will keep humidity levels down, which limits mold and dust mite growth.
  3. Avoid chemical air fresheners. Studies have shown that aerosol sprays containing VOCs and other harmful chemicals can contribute to asthma and respiratory illness. Even natural scents, such as citrus, can aggravate symptoms. A non-chemical solution for odor control can be found in Biom All-Surface Mist. With only 5 ingredients, and certified Inhalation Safe, this unique product was developed in Belgium to meet the need for a healthy solution to cleaning and odor control. Instead of covering odors with fragrances and chemicals, this unique product distributes millions of good bacteria onto surfaces.  Good bacteria feed on microscopic dirt and grime - the source of bad smells - and continue cleaning for days. Smells aren’t just covered up, they are actually eliminated. The good news for those suffering from allergies and asthma is that probiotics work without relying on irritating chemicals, and are one of the only solutions known to be effective against dust mites. Spraying probiotics over pillows and bedding every few days can dramatically reduce dust mite exposure.

The mindset that cleaning can only be achieved by killing germs with harmful chemicals is out-dated, and being replaced with a new paradigm. Healthy cleaning that supports lung function is possible - and necessary!  Probiotic cleaners contain live, good bacteria that clean surfaces microscopically. Check out our Biom home cleaning products to learn more about how you can use the power of probiotics to clean your home!

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