Improving Feed Conversion and Weight Gains for Poultry Farmers Using Probiotics

The roots of our mission at Choice Probiotics is in sustainable agriculture.  We began by supplying organic poultry producers in the Fraser Valley of BC, Canada with an solution for clogged water lines.  Organic farms are highly regulated to maintain their certification, which includes approved inputs for all products used on the farm.  Cleaning supplies that are Organic Input Approved are not easy to find, require extensive rinsing, are expensive, and often not as effective as other cleaners.  This need for an organic approved cleaner was the beginning of Choice Probiotics, and we connected with Chrisal in Belgium to supply us with the highest quality, ISO certified, and safest probiotic cleaners in the world. 

Once poultry farmers in our local area began using probiotics to clean their water lines, they noticed that not only did their lines remain unclogged throughout the entire flock cycle, but they saw marked improvements in bird vitality and noted feed conversion improvements.  So much so, that even non-organic producers found the product invaluable to their production.  Savings in feed, water usage during cleaning and reduced labor costs during barn clean-outs were just some of the many advantages seen. Good bacteria in the water systems are able to break down the bio-film that clogs drippers, but they also provide excellent gut health benefits for the birds.  Particularly in the first 2 weeks of the the flock, Chrisal probiotics include prebiotic sugars that activate the good bacteria.  These synbiotics fortify lactic acid producing bacteria in the gut, promoting chick vitality and reducing ammonia production and dampness in the litter.  Additionally, our products are completely safe, biodegradable, and promote healthy microbiomes - whereas disinfectant cleaners promote antibiotic resistance bacteria.

Since our beginnings in the poultry industry, Choice has expanded to other agricultural sectors - from mushroom production, to leaf-cutter bees, flower farming and more.  There are so many opportunities to explore, as every agricultural sector can benefit from the enhancement of healthy microbiomes to improve productivity, as well as sustainability in their cleaning regimes.  

Today, Choice Probiotics offers product lines in agriculture, and also home and professional cleaning product lines.  From barn and water line cleaning, to laundry detergent, dish soap, all-surface cleaning sprays, body wash, and more.  Bringing sustainable and effective cleaning options to Canadians is our mission, and we are proud to be the exclusive importer of the HeiQ Chrisal synbiotics, the world-standard in probiotic cleaning products. 

For more information on synbiotic use in animal care and production, please view our webinar at this link.  We discuss how synbiotics work, and success stories with colleagues in Belgium and the UK.  


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